Sunday, November 3, 2013


Gutten Tag!

 Dad, Evangela and I returned from Germany two months ago.  We went to The Art Factory in Kandern to help Mr. and Mrs. Holladay with some remodeling.  We tore down 3 walls, 1 floor, put up most of a wall, and framed two walls.  Evangela and I helped haul concrete, clean up, run tools to the guys, and helped Mr. Holladay organize his tools.  We were working on the second story of the factory.   We hauled the concrete out in buckets through the window.   The back of the Factory is built into a hill.  So we just climbed up the portable steps to the window, climbed out, carried the buckets up the hill to the trailer.  And, believe me, when the buckets are full of concrete that's not easy.  The next day our shoulders were aching.  When my shoulders were aching I didn't like anyone to touch them.  But dad, on the other hand, said it felt good when I would beat him on the shoulders!! :/

The weather was beautiful.  Yahweh sent lovely weather our way.  Thank You!  It was already getting cold and we wore jackets often.  But the breeze and the smell of the changing weather filled me with the wonderful feeling of fall.  You all know how it feels.

We went to the ice cream parlor in town several times.  And on one trip we ordered Spaghetti Ice! It was amazing watching him make it.  Evangela ordered a blue (VERY blue) IceCream.  But we never figured out what flavor it was.  The man who owns the shop is German, but he went to Italy for school and married a woman from the DR.  He can speak Spanish and one of the guys we went to Germany with grew up in Peru so he could speak Spanish!  They were conversing back and forth in Spanish while we were there.  I took videos but I do not know how to download them on to the blog. :( 

We also went to a castle in France.  That, to me, was one of the best parts of the trip.  We saw cannons, old weapons and armor.  The view was fantastic!

The castle is still under going repairs.

A mini version of the castle.



Crossbow/Chain Mail

This is a cannon.  It looks as if it can only shoot bullets!

This is more of what I call a cannon.

I think this is petrified wood.

This is the plaque on the wood.
I ran it through Google Translate and this is what it read:
155 years, once near
the Fountain.

The bottom right is in English.
Maybe the Strain (Souche) part actually means Stump.

Organizing Tools

Evangela Eating Snack


Dad Being Lazy.
(Just kidding.  I had him pose for this picture).

We all signed our names on the inside of the wall.

Every wall that the Holladay's put up
they put a scripture inside

Mr. Holladay's Light Collection.
(They collect the things that they need for future
rooms that are going to be remodeled).

The War  Council
I took a picture of the guys going over the wall plans then
drew in costumes.  
I Scream, You Scream,
We All Scream For IceCream!

Ice Cafe.
This place was so delicious.  (Yeah, we ate it ;)

Making A Window Into A Door.

Cleaning the Trailer After A Concrete Haul.


On The Scaffold.

I had to get a picture of this.

So everyone will remember that she did the most
 important job.  She made sure we had the energy to
do the work.  And she did a WONDERFUL job!


Mr. Holladay ran down to the bakery
 for fresh pastries for breakfast.

The Cook.

This is what the sides of the road look like.
It's purple because the tinting on the windows were purple.

Schnitzel with Noodles.

 From The Plane


I am so sorry this post is so late!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

3 Christians Arrested In Missouri

  3 Christians were arrested in Springfield, Missouri for preaching outside a concert in the town square on October 4th, 2013.

 Click HERE to see the article by Christian News Network.