Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Seven Crossings

Hello!  Welcome to Seven Crossings.  This is Mikaela and Justice.  We are one of the three "buddy" teams in our house.
You might be wondering why we called our blog Seven Crossings.  We used the name Seven Crossings because we have 7 siblings and we very often "cross" each others paths.  Also, God's perfect number is 7.  If you look in the bible, He created the world and the universe in 7 days, He established the 7 day week, the rainbow, God's covenant with Noah, has 7 colors, and if you remember in Pharaohs dreams there were 7 cows, 7 ears of corn, and 7 years of famine. And in the new Testament there were 5 loaves and 2 fish (5+2=7).  Isn't that so amazing?   So now you know why we are named Seven Crossings.

Me and My Buddy

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