Saturday, January 26, 2013

Adventures in January

Whew!  How come it seems that when it comes to my Blog I can never keep up?  Were do I start?  I guess I will start at the beginning of the Adventures in January.

This past winter we did not get any snow.  And because we had such a warm and late summer we thought we were not going to get any.  But as the saying goes here in Alabama "Just wait 15 minutes and the weather will change!"  We were getting normal winter temperatures and then over night we were getting weather cold enough for snow!  We actually had some flurries before, but it did not stick because we had a lot of rain fall.  But we waited... and then, we got snow!
(I have some pictures in the Photo Album from when it snowed in 2010).

2013 Snow Pictures

Thank You God For The Snow!!

Nathans remote controlled truck was constantly getting snow  built up on the wheels.

Not another build up!

Do I smell snow?!

God gave us snow.  And He gave us flowers to enjoy with the snow!

A detective pose.

Getting snow for snow cones.

Liberty enjoys her snow cone.

Snow Scooter!

Look out! 

Justice is thoroughly enjoying the snow.

Howdy and Goodbye!


How do you like my snow man?

This is cold! 
I think, soon, I am going to turn into a snow man!

The beginnings of a Hawaiian snow man.

A little more snow here. 


Gabby loves the snow.

The snow covered the truck so well that when we went to
get something out of the car  the doors would not open!

Huh.  We had another snow fall.

Taking apart what is left of two snow men.

Ah, nice snow. 

The snow froze on the shovel! 
Here in Alabama it doesn't matter if it is summer or winter.  Shorts are the way to go!

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