Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Germany!  What are the chances that I would be able to go?  None!  But providence is greater than chance.  I'm going to Germany!  The country I am so fascinated with.  The place I've always wanted to go.  Well, Yahweh provided a way for me to go!  The president of dads work is a christian man and a gift from God.  He has blessed our family and many others with his kindness.  Every three years he sends people to help missionaries in Germany.  Last time they were building rooms in a big warehouse for the missionaries.  I'm not positive what they are doing this time, but they are building something.  Dad told us about it and said he had signed up to go.  Well Evangela and I wanted to REALLY bad.  We always have wanted to be missionaries, and what was a better way to prepare than to help missionaries?  So we wrote a letter to the president of the company that dad works for and told him that if we could go that we were willing to help out as much as possible and that we would try to save up as much as we could to help pay for our expenses.  We received a letter back from him and with shaking hands and halted breath... we read it.  He said we could go!!!  AND that he was able to cover the expense of the trip!!  We could have never been able to pay fully for the cost.  How good God is!  So now, we are awaiting this summer eagerly.  Who would ever look forward to the German heat?  Well we are!  The only thing I'm not looking forward to is eating sauerkraut. :(  I'll post some pictures of Germany when I get back.
(I know I used a lot of exclamation marks. But I am SOOOO excited!!!!!)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Another Contest!

Hadassah is hosting a contest for her new blog!  See the details HERE.  These are my entries.  Thank you Hadassah for hosting this contest.  :)



Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lyric Contest

My Entries to the Song Lyric Challenge

My sister Evangela at Proclaiming Grace informed me that Britt, at Designed to Inspire, is having a thrilling song lyric contest that ends on Thursday the 7th.  What you do is add lyrics from any song you choose to a picture. She said that you could make several lyric photos and she (Britt) would pick her favorite to enter into the contest.  Thanks Britt! 

"Who Am I?"  By Casting Crowns

"Across the Great Divide" By Sovereign Grace Worship Band 
"Amazing Love" By Chris Tomlin

"I Want to be Just Like You" By Philips, Craig, and Dean 
"He is Risen" By Philips, Craig, and Dean

"Jesus Saves" By Jeremy Camp