Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Sisters Post

This book cover for Brittney's contest was made by my sister.  She does not have a blog but Brittney said she could enter.  Thank you so much Brittney!  She was so excited!  Here is her entry.
(The contest ends tomorrow).

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Am From The Bible

I am from the Bible

This is my first quiz so I hope you enjoy.  I thought that instead of using story characters I could use Bible characters.  Obviously, I do not know the characters of these girls so these answers are not accurate.  Enjoy!

A.  If you were going visiting what would you wear?

a. Perfume
b. Earrings and a necklace
c. The best thing you have in your wardrobe
d. Leaves and furs
e. Scarlet and purple

B.  If you were stuck in a tree what would you do?

a. Climb down as best you can (even if you are going to rip your dress)
b. Stop and think about the most logical way to get down
c. Wait till someone comes to help you
d. Jump
e. Make a rope out of your sash

C.  If you were stuck inside on a rainy day what would you do
a. Read
b. Your Saturday cleaning
c. Make bread
d. Play with your pets
e. Weave, knit, crochet ect.

D.  If you had the choice of choosing a game what would you choose?

a. Hide and Seek
b. Word search/Soduko
c. Trivia games 
d. Hop scotch
e. Monopoly

E.  When you have your bible study time you feel...

a. Attentive - You love this part of the day when you sit at the feet of the Master and listen
b. Anxious - You know that bible time is good for you and you need it for your spiritual growth, but you keep thinking about other things
c. Eager - you don't know much about the savior and you can't wait to learn more
d. Bliss - you are so in love with the Lord that your time walking and talking with Him are sheer bliss
e. Joy - you look forward to this time as a time to teach those younger about the Strait and Narrow

F.  How would you choose to travel?

a. Camel 
b. Donkey
c. On foot
d. Dragon
e. Litter

G.  What is your favorite fruits and vegetables?

a. Tomatos and Bell Peppers
b. Apples and Pears
c. Raisins and Celery
d. Pomegranates and Grapefruit
e. Grapes and Prunes

H. How many children do you want to have?

a. 12
b. 5
c. 1
d. 1,000
e. As many as God gives

I.  What kind of house would you choose to live in?

a. Suburbs
b. Set back in the country with a long drive way
c. In the city
d. One with lots of gardens and fields
e. A mansion

If you answered mostly A's you are...

If you answered mostly B's you are...

If you answered mostly C's you are...

If you answered mostly D's you are...

If you answered mostly E's you are...

If you answered mostly misc. you are...


Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Entry

I entered into a book cover contest on Brittney's blog Daughter of the King.  Not much more time is left on it so if you like challenges, HURRY UP AND ENTER!

My sister Evangela Grace is wonderful at this kind of thing.  She helped me very much so I can not take full credit for this cover.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Over The Hills And Up The Mountain!

My family and I went to Stone Mountain Park Georgia and had a blast.  We left home on a Friday, spent the night at a hotel, and came back the next evening.  I am not going to write an elaborate post about it, but I posted pictures in Photo Gallery.  Have a blessed day.