Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fall Creek Falls

We went with some friends and their church for a three day cabin/camping trip.  We had so much fun, made new friends, played great pranks, and played our favorite game,  4 Square.  We played it before and after every meal.  It was pretty much the only thing we played unless it was raining.  Not really, we played in the rain too.  We played before breakfast 4 Square, after breakfast 4 Square, before lunch 4 Square, after lunch 4 Square, before dinner 4 Square, and after dinner 4 Square, and, of course, before bed 4 Square. :)Then we had the idea to make an indoor 4 Square.  So one night as we were playing, two of the guys came in and started playing a song.  They were making the song up as they went.  It was amazing!  Evangela got it on video the next day so I made a movie about 4 Square using the song.  You can watch it Here.

The first night that we were there all the boys were playing on their walkie talkies.  Somehow two of the girls got one each. We (My sister, Gabby, and I) found out what channel the boys were on and deepened our voices.  Here is a little of what we said.  (NOTE: It is around 9:30 and is dark outside).

Me:  "Arn't you boys supposed to be in bed?"


Boys:  "Who?"

Me:  "I don't care who, just get in bed!"

       Nothing.  Then...

Boys:  "My dad said I could sleep in the boys cabin."  (Several of the boys were sleeping together in a separate cabin).

I think then they changed the channel.  We found the channel and continued.

Me:  "Sid!"

Gabby:  "Yeah Bob?"

Me:  Grab the lemonade!  "I'll get the brownies!"

Gabby"  "Got it!"

Me:  "Hurry, the security's after us!"

Gabby:  "All right I'll meet you under the falls!  RUN!"

Then the boys changed their channel again and we didn't find it.  We had some pretty good laughs though!