Photo Gallery

                                               This is Justice at the Tennessee Aquarium.
Chattanooga, Tennessee
 Doesn't it look like a painting or postcard?  It's not!  
I got this picture at the Aquarium look out tower.
(I don't know the real name for it). 

This is out by our pond.

Gabby and Nathan at a lake.

Christmas 2010

 Love Bugs! xoxox.

Making Pizzelles
Liberty Loves Pizzelles 

Pizzelle Dough 

Cooking The Pizzelles

"Powdered Sugar Tastes Soooo Good."

2010 Snow Pictures
We had so much fun that winter!  Yahweh truly blessed us.
This snow was the most snow most of us had seen in our lives!
Our first winter in Alabama (we had moved from Florida) and we had
tons of snow.  It was like God was giving us a "Welcome to Alabama" gift. 

Waiting to get into the Sky Hike

Nathan and I Sky Hiking
Verity and I

Justice on the little kids "Sky Hike" 


Liberty on the little kids playground

Carving on the mountain
From left to right
Jefferson Davis,  Robert E. Lee,  "Stonewall" Jackson

The train that we rode on around the mountain

A date carved onto the mountain
(There was an even older one but I don't remember the date)

The "Gum Tree"
Every time we go we add some gum

Climbing the mountain

The view from the top of the mountain

The cable for the sky trolly


They have a system at the store to make sure you return the cart to it's proper place.
You put a quarter in one end and the thing (on the left)
that is attached to another cart will disconnect from your cart.
When your done you insert the thing back into your cart and you get your quarter back!


Interesting squash Mr. Hampton got at the Farmers Market.

This painting hangs on the wall in the Hamptons
living room.   Find out whats wrong with it.

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